Corporate Advisory Committee


NCTR recognizes the significant value of its Associate Member organizations helping to sustain many of its core activities through payment of annual dues and sponsorship of many NCTR events. It is further recognized that there should be a vehicle for Associate Member organizations to provide advice and counsel to NCTR’s governance process. The Corporate Advisory Committee was established to facilitate attainment of this objective.


The Corporate Advisory Committee shall be comprised of 20 Associate Member organizations. These organizations should reflect the broad diversity of type and size of NCTR’s Associate Members.  Membership on the Corporate Advisory Committee belongs to the organization. 

Term of Office:

Each organization shall be invited to serve a three (3) calendar-year term. Terms will be staggered.  No organization shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms unless approved by a vote of the Executive Committee. It shall be each organization’s responsibility to designate a representative to serve on the Corporate Advisory Committee and may replace such representative at the organization’s discretion.

Appointment Process:

The current NCTR President shall nominate Associate Member organizations to fill expired and/or vacant terms on the Corporate Advisory Committee, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Criteria to be considered for appointment:

  • Involvement/Participation: Organizations should be appointed to and retained on the Corporate Advisory Committee on the basis of professional integrity and involvement in supporting the goals of NCTR.  Organizations should be chosen on the basis of their record as members of the association and their involvement with the public retirement profession.
  • Size and Type of Firm: The Corporate Advisory Committee should represent the wide variety of sizes and types of Associate Member organizations.
  • Diversity: The composition of the Corporate Advisory Committee should reflect NCTR’s goal to have a diverse mix actively involved in all aspects of the organization.


As stated under “Purpose,” the members of the Corporate Advisory Committee shall provide advice and counsel to NCTR’s governance process. In addition, members shall plan to participate in NCTR’s Spring Executive Committee meeting and serve as co-hosts of the Past Presidents’ Dinner at the Annual Conference. They may also be invited to participate in other NCTR events during the year.


Each member of the Corporate Advisory Committee will pay a bundled fee to serve as members, which will be determined annually by the NCTR Executive Committee. The fee may cover, but is not limited to:

  • Co-sponsorship of the Spring Executive Committee Meeting
  • Co-sponsorship of the Past Presidents’ Dinner
  • Co-sponsorship of an Annual Conference Keynote Speaker

Corporate Advisory Committee Members

Serving through 2017

Adams Street Partners
Steve Wilde, CFA and Partner
(312) 553–7867

Cavanaugh Macdonald LLC
Todd B. Green, Principal and Consulting Actuary
(678) 388-1705

HarbourVest Partners, LLC
Edward Powers, Managing Director
(617) 348-8355

Lord Abbett & Co., LLC
Nicholas Johnston, Director, Institutional Investor Services
(201) 827-2364

William Blair & Company
James White, Business Development
(312) 364-8896

Serving through 2018

Baillie Gifford International LLC
William Pacula, Director of Marketing
(212) 319-4637

BNY Mellon Investment Management
Clarissa A. Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing, Public Funds
(617) 722-7643

Dyice Ellis-Beckham, Managing Director, Public Funds
(212) 278-9108

Cameron A. Lochhead, Managing Director  
Direct: (973) 367-5335; Cell: (973) 204-0629

UBS Global Asset Management
Tracey Monroe, Executive Director, Client Advisor
Phone:  (213) 400-9915

Serving through 2019

Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP
Tony Gelderman, Counsel
(504) 899-2339

Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company
Ryan Falls, Senior Consultant & Actuary
(469) 524-1802

National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
Meredith Despins, Senior Vice President, Investment Affairs & Investor Education
(202) 739-9452

The Capital Group Companies
Michael Bowman, Sr. Vice President
(415) 393-7142

Serving through 2020

Alfred Campos, Director, National Retired Teachers Association
(703) 403-3061

Baring Asset Management
Pamela McKoin, Business Development
(860) 796-8824 

Ice Miller LLP
Mary Beth Braitman, Partner
(317) 236-2413

Progress Investment Management Company, LLC
Thurman V. White, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer 
(415) 512-3480

The Segal Company
Kim Nicholl, Sr. Vice President
(312) 984-8527