Administrator Education Committee

The Administrator Education Committee is a Standing Committee as specified in the NCTR Constitution. Its purpose is to provide the President, the Executive Committee, and the Executive Director with advice and counsel in the development and implementation of initiatives and programs targeted to the administrators of NCTR member systems. Traditionally all members of the Committee are administrators.

Duties and Responsibilities

Working with the President, the Executive Committee, and the Executive Director, the Administrator Education Committee is responsible for assisting in the planning of the program for the annual System Directors’ Meeting. Similarly, the Committee may be asked to provide input concerning the program for the Annual Conference of NCTR. The Committee shall also be responsible for carrying out any actions assigned to it in NCTR’s Strategic Plan.

The Chairperson of the Committee shall be prepared to deliver a brief report of the Committee’s activities at the Annual Conference Business Meeting of NCTR.

Administrator Education Committee 2017

Michael NehfChair, Administrator, Ohio STRS

Jeanne Carr, Administrator, ERFC–Fairfax County, VA

Phyllis Chambers, Administrator, Nebraska PERS

Bob Conlin, Administrator, Wisconsin RS

Don Drum, Administrator, PERS of Idaho

Buster Evans, Administrator, Georgia TRS

Jeff Fleck, Administrator, West Virginia CPRB

Christine Gierer, Administrator, Kansas City PSRS

Erika Glaster, Administrator, Massachusetts TRS

Jan Goodwin, Administrator, New Mexico ERB

Shawn Graham, Administrator, Montana TRS

Glen Grell, Administrator, Pennsylvania PSERS

Laurie Hacking, Administrator, Minnesota TRA

Sandy Matheson, Administrator, Maine PERS

Thaddeus McTigue, Administrator, New York City TRS

Steven Patrick Rodeman, Administrator, Oregon PERS

Ruth Ryerson, Administrator, Wyoming RS

Greg Smith, Administrator, Colorado PERA

Dearld Snider, Administrator, Missouri PSRS/PEERS

Note: Pursuant to the NCTR Constitution, the President and President-Elect shall be ex-officio members of all committees.