Trustee Education Committee

The Trustee Education Committee is a Standing Committee as specified in the NCTR Constitution. Its purpose is to provide the President, the Executive Committee, and the Executive Director with advice and counsel in the development and implementation of initiatives and programs targeted to trustees of NCTR member systems. Traditionally, all committee members are trustees.

Duties and Responsibilities

Working with the President, the Executive Committee, and the Executive Director, the Trustee Education Committee is responsible for assisting in the planning of the Trustees’ programs at the Annual Conference of NCTR. Similarly, the Committee is responsible for assisting in developing the curriculum for the annual Trustee Workshop, usually held mid-summer. The Committee is also responsible for carrying out any actions assigned to it in NCTR’s Strategic Plan.

In addition to his or her general duties, the Chairperson of the Committee shall be responsible for reporting to the President and Executive Committee all matters of concern to Trustees, as determined by the Committee.

The Chairperson shall give a brief report of the Committee’s activities and accomplishments at the Annual Conference Business Meeting.

Trustee Education Committee 2017

Yvonne Heath, Chair; Trustee, PSRS/PEERS of Missouri

Clare Barnett, Trustee, Connecticut TRB

Mary Broderick, Trustee, Minnesota TRA

Joanne Collins, Trustee, PSRS of Kansas City, MO

Scott Dubbs, Trustee, Montana TRS

Don Erikson, Trustee, Omaha SERS

Paul Farfaglia, Trustee, New York STRS

Greg Gibson, Trustee, Texas TRS

Sheila Goodwin, Trustee, St. Louis PSRS

Amy Grant, Trustee, Colorado PERA

Nancy Hammerer, Trustee, ERFC–Fairfax County, Virginia

Gayle Harbo, Trustee, Alaska TRS

Donn Jones, Trustee, Omaha SERS

Harry Keiley, Trustee, CalSTRS

Susan Lemmo, Trustee, Pennsylvania PSERS

William Murray, Trustee, Connecticut TRB

Robin Nichols, Trustee, Arkansas TRS

Mel Olson, Trustee, North Dakota RIO

Lance Purdy, Trustee, Omaha SERS

Garth Shanklin, Trustee, Wyoming RS

Charles Shelton, Trustee, St. Louis PSRS

Marti Zins, Trustee, Minnesota TRA

Susan Brown, NCTR Executive Committee Liaison

Note: Pursuant to the NCTR Constitution, the President and President-Elect shall be ex-officio members of all committees.