The National Council on Teacher Retirement
Greetings from your New Executive Director

As we begin 2018, it is with great excitement and commitment that I welcome the opportunity of serving NCTR—our trustees, administrators, and corporate partners who, like me, are inspired and driven by NCTR’s mission to protect and promote the retirement of public school educators.

As I take on my new role as Executive Director, I feel fortunate to have worked with Meredith Williams and the NCTR team these past few months during the transition. NCTR has dedicated and talented staff who actively serve our members on a daily basis. Meredith’s commitment to NCTR is unwavering and I am grateful for his leadership and his support as we have worked together. I know I can count on Meredith’s unique perspective and valuable insights as I begin leading NCTR into a new era.

We all know that the world in which we operate has changed dramatically in the past decade, and NCTR has been at the forefront of efforts to meet the challenges in this new world. Not only are we active in providing education on key retirement issues, we also serve as a primary source of accurate information on pension perspectives for public educators. We are proactive on the legislative front, both at the federal and state levels, as illustrated by the recent joint effort with several retirement associations regarding the unrelated business income tax (UBIT) issue in the federal Tax Reform Bill. As an organization, we have proactively addressed many issues by setting a long-term strategy to provide leadership and a strong voice when it comes to promoting and protecting the retirement security of public school educators. Our work to develop a strategic three-year plan was recently approved by the NCTR Executive Board, which understands the value of taking a long view and setting a new course for our member association. Many of you had some role in our planning efforts. Now is the time that we begin the journey of executing our strategic plan in order to transform our organization. Our future is exciting to me, and I hope to all of you.

In the coming months, we will begin several new initiatives to turn NCTR into an even more flexible and adaptive service organization that meets the needs of our members and provides them with best-in-class education, innovative tools, and services. We will be modernizing and expanding our website and implementing new ways to provide cost effective trustee and administrator educational opportunities. We will always remain diligent and effective in our role as lobbyist for the educational pension community. We will show our corporate associates that we value them as partners, understand the challenges of their businesses, and recognize that their success is our success.

While we may do some things differently in the coming months, we will stay true to the core values of NCTR because those values are the reason so many of you belong to NCTR. For me, this is not just a job, the passion and mission of the organization runs long and deep and represents a history that we all can be proud of. I look forward to working with all of you to continue that mission as we build NCTR into an organization for the future.

Maureen Westgard, Executive Director

Executive Director
Phone: (225) 354-6173